Welcome to Grand Touring

Welcome fellow Skyline/GTR and JDM enthusiasts. My name is Tad. I am a Japanese/Serbian Hapa, or person of mixed ethnicity. I am a Skyline, GTR enthusiast and owner. This blog will be about my journey as a Skyline/GTR owner and enthusiast on my quest to create my perfect GTR.

One thing I have always felt to be lacking in the JDM world is as a whole until perhaps recently is a lack of genuine love and celebration of many of these 90's icons. I always felt looking at how the Porsche/911 world is always celebrated in such a nice way where as with the JDM world it seems these cars have only been liked for what they do and not for what they are. This is something that all of these Japanese icons, from Skylines to RX7s to Supras to the NSX all share. 

So through this blog and I would like to portray the Skyline/GTR not in a way that concerns how much horsepower, how large am i going with turbos etc. But rather from more of a purist's point of view and give these cars the recognition and love they have long deserved. In my opinion I cannot see why these cars cannot be celebrated in the same way cars such as the 911 have and are. The Skyline in this sense is like the 911 of the RHD world, or something to that effect in my opinion. So that will be the purpose of this blog. "Skylines..a Purists point of view".

So why the name "Grand Touring"? I decided on this name for 2 main reasons. The first is that it is true to the nature of Skylines and GTRs. Secondly it was also inspired by Nismo's BCNR33 demo car which is also called a Grand Touring car. I also felt that this name would echo this blog's emphasis on appreciating and enjoying these cars for what they are and not just simply for their performace figures. So sit back and relax pour yourself a cup or glass of your favourite beverage and let us begin the Journey. Welcome to Grand Touring...

My journey all started with Paul Walker and 2 Fast 2 Furious back in high school, then came Initial D and Need For Speed, from which I graduated to Gran Turismo. My passion for cars started with the Skyline GTR. I initially thought it was purely becauss of Brian Oconnor in 2 Fast 2 Furious. However I remembered going back when my age was in single digit age my aunt bought be an a blue R32 Skyline GTR R/C car so that definately planted a seed for my future exposure to the above mentioned media.

(Taken - 11th July 2014)

During University I had a (Sonic Silver) 1997 Skyline GTS25t which I kept stock engine wise, with only Okada projects coil packs, cat-back exhaust and a Blitz return pipe front mount intercooler. Handling wise I kept the HICAS and had Kumho 265/35 rear, 245/35 front tyres fitted to 18" WORK Emotion 11r matt black rims 8.5 front and 9.5 rear width. These were suspended by Blitz ZZR coilovers with F8kg R6kg spring rates. I definitely had one of the cleanest R33s in my home town Perth, Australia.

The first chapter of my car enthusiast life came to a close when I grabbed a job opportunity in Tokyo, Japan.

Fast forward 10 years from those High School days of dreaming up what is the perfect car. Now I am based near Tokyo, Japan and am finally in a position (at great cost) to realise and chase that dream. I am now a proud owner of a BCNR33 GTR.