Meet my new Skyline

So to kick things off let me begin with an introduction to my car. After having a quick browse around the web I found a dealer (Best R) in my neighbourhood in that happened to specialise in low mileage, accident free GTRs. So I popped down and after taking a look decided taking into consideration my financial status this white (QM1) BCNR33 would suit me best. 

At the time the BNR34 was still at a very affordable 4 Million to 5 Million Yen which was very tempting as the BNR34 was the holy grail as is with most of us. However taking into account the fact that I would be able to afford to drive a BCNR33 more comfortably than a BNR34 and on top of that the fact that this BCNR33 came with a Nismo motor I pulled the trigger on the R33.

It was a 1995 model Vspec with around 52,000kms on the body. What sold me however was when the manager popped the bonnet. There sat a Nismo S1 RB26, a complete ground up tuning package released in the late 90s by Nissan's motor sport division (Nismo). 
To create this package Nismo takes a standard RB26 strips it down and replaces the pistons, piston rings, bearings with N1 components. Then they bolt BNR34 turbos, N1 turbo outlet piping, N1 oil pump and special S1 cams. All this is then controlled by an S1 ECU. Outputing a very useable and linear 400ps.
This particular engine was put together in 2001. As shown by the unique plaque that Nismo festoons on ever car they fit with one of their motors. The motor itself since being fettled my Nismo had 25,000kms on the clock.
All this for under 2.9M Yen or around (30k Dollars) seemed a no brainer compared to a BNR34 which were at the time still going for 4.5M Yen (46k Dollars) but had stock engines, not to mention would hurt me significantly on the financial side as well.
So using what I had left from selling my GTS25t in Perth I put down a deposit and signed up for a finance plan through Best R. (If you are in Japan I highly recommend them excellent customer service and high quality cars and aftercare, they also do servicing, maintenance, mods and parts sourcing.)

So below is the full spec list of my car at time of purchase:

1995 Nissan Skyline GTR Vspec (BCNR33) 
Colour: White (QM1)
Engine: Nismo S1 conversion package 
Cooling: Stock intercooler, HKS intercooler piping, Greddy large capacity radiator, greddy engine oil cooler.
Suspension: Nismo S-Tune, Nismo suspension links.
Brakes: Stock Brembos with Nismo pads.
Wheels/tyres: Rays Engineeing Volk Racing TE37 black 17" 9.5 width rims wearing Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 255/40 tyres.
Exhaust: Nismo Weldina NE-1 (stainless) semi-dual pipe complete system.
Exterior: Nismo clear side indicators, Nismo rear wing side covers, Carbon fiber wing blade, N1 front bumper ducts, N1 bonnet moulding, HID low beams.
Interior: Complete Nismo gauge cluster (white),
Omori factory enlarged brake pedal, Nismo GT shift knob (urethane).