Skyline GTR restomod begins..

As this blog has been on the backburner for a number of years now I will fast-track my first few mods to my GTR.

In order my first mod was a cheap and easy mod of adapting a S15 Silvia boot/trunk brace into the R33's boot. (This is a mod which works on all grades of the R33). This mod ties the left and right side of the boot, solidifying the boot area.
The BNR34 comes with a boot brace and the BCNR33 comes with holes in the boot floor in the same location as the BNR34 so it is possible to fit an R34 or S15 brace. The S15 brace was more accessible compared to the BNR34 one.

Nissan OEM Trunk Floor Bar Assembly - Part number: 79174W
4 bolts: M10xp1.25 50mm length
4 M10 spacers with a minimum length of 50mm 

(Note: This mod is compatible with all R33 chassis cars.)

The only adustment required is the above mentioned 4 spacers is required to bridge the gap between the boot floor and the frame below. 
 After fitment there was an immediate noticable difference with how the rear suspension moved and the rear end of the car felt more solid.

It does require some trimming of the boot trim as you can see.

The second mod was the change out the old Nismo NE-1 exhaust as the cats were already gone.
As the NE1 is a system with integrated cats so it meant a complete system replacement including front pipe. I went with a Fujitsubo equal length front pipe, HKS Metal Catalyzer and Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust. (the Tomei noise level is not road legal.)

Here's a clip of how this exhaust setup sounds like.

Inbetween this last step and the above mods I wanted to update the look of the stock steering wheel with a Nardi-Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel to give the interior a period correct lift. (Personal wheels were used in the R32 Gr.A cars)

I decided to go with the Works Bell short boss and Rapfix II after seeing it on the Nismo BNR34 CRS demo car.