First major mods

My car came with Nismo S-tune suspension which has a 30mm or so drop in ride height over standard. This height did not agree with the entrance to my driveway and after close to 2 years of removing most of the passenger side of the front lip on the entrance of my driveway I finally saved up enough to get that part of the car sorted.
I was tempted by the Ohlins DFV but decided due to price to go for the HKS Hypermax  Max IV SP (12kg front and 10kg rear spring rates with pillow ball upper mounts).

I had all the work done at Best R.

While I was looking at this Nismo announced a limited 2017 run of their LM GT4 wheels (These wheels originally were designed for the Nismo BNR34 Z-Tune) which adding to their last release where they added a machined logo (previously a sticker), for the 2017 release they released it in a matte black paint (until now they were gloss black). This paint code as can be seen in the link provided is the same paint code applied to Nismo's R35 GT3 race cars wheels.
As I was also am intending to ungrade my brakes and the Nismo wheels are actually the cheapest wheels which will fit the big brake kit I have planned so I decided to pull the trigger on these too.
As these were an inch up from my previous RAYS TE37 17" wheels I wrapped them in Bridgestone Potenza RE71Rs (265/35/18).

Lastly a set of Nismo sway bars front and rear to replace the stock sway bars and hardened Nismo streering bushes to replace the stock bushings.

 Stock vs Nismo S-Tune sway bars

Driving impressions: As expected it feels much more tied down and rides alot more level. Also the steering feel was much improved with the stiffer steering bushings. Most importantly however no more scraping on my driveway!
So the ride height ended up being between 15~20mm drop from stock. Some may say it is alittle high but this ride height is the ride height of practicality for around town and gives good suspension travel for the mountain roads. The Best comprise for the R33.