Post-modern is forever

There are many areas 90s Skylines can be updated to bring them more up to date with more modern cars. Many of these updates/mods need not be expensive.

The first of these mods was the wiper blades. Compared to the 2 piece blades of cars until the early 00s present day cars now have single piece Polymer blades which generate their own downforce to stick to the glass better than the previous metal blades of old.

 BOSCH releases such a range of OE compatible single piece wiper blades called the "Aerotwin Multi" . The above are the correct front windscreen blades for the R33 model Skyline. There are also available for R32 and R34 Skylines as well.

After fitment. I does lift the look of the car and modernise it.

In order the fit the blade onto the R33's arms you will need to remove the plastic cap and them replace it once you have slipped it on. Otherwise it is a straight forward fit.

The second mini update is LED brake lights. Now there are many solutions from the full replacement one piece aftermarket assemblies right up until for the R34 Nismo offering their own OEM LED tail light assembly.

I myself on my previous GTS25t did change to an aftermarket LED tail assembly (due to a minor bump left my indicator leds damaged and the aftermarket assembly happened to be cheaper). However this time round for the GTR I wanted to modernise the tails to have that sharp on/off lighting character of present day cars.

After much research I found Philips has a range of aftermarket OEM compatible LED bulbs the most simple and cost effective solution.
Philips X-treme Ultinon range of LED S25 (1157) bulbs offer a higher brightness than the OE halogen bulbs and are a plug and play fit. They come in 2s per pack  so you will need 2 packs.
They do cost a few hundred bucks so they are more expensive compared to your typical ebay china 1157 LED bulbs but trust me well worth the money along with their 3yr warranty. Construction and build quality is solid. They replicate the lighting coverage arch of their halogen counterparts very well and at 115 lumens have superior brightness too.


As you can see there is quite an obvious difference between the stock halogens and the Philips LED bulbs. On top of this only people who know will realise you are using LEDs so offers a very stealth look.