R35 coilpacks in a RB26

Upgrading an RB26's coilpacks with R35 coilpacks is quite common practice nowadays however at the time in 2017 this was quite less conventional.

After over 20 years the car developed a missfire after I took my car for a run on Haokone (more on Hakone Turnpike in a future post). So I had a number of choices, OE standard coilpacks (which cost over $1.3k), RB26 Okada Projects coils or to try out a new R35 coilpack adapter kit which my workshop (Best R) http://www.best-r.com/create/gtr.php?car=00 has sourced for 2 customer cars previously. So I decided to go with these for the cost and also performance benefit in the form of a much more powerful and stable discharge which the modern R35 coilpacks can provide.

(FYI:As do the Okada projects using the R35 coilpacks will negate the need for the power transistor.)

Their kit all up was slightly less than just the Stock RB26 OE coilpacks. This is also including a milspec harness.
The milspec harness is built to motorsport spec to keep constant voltage regardless of engine bay heat.

I also had the #8 Nismo Racing Plugs installed and compression tested. These pics are courtesy of Best R's Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/gtr.bestr/

Here it is fitted with the adaptor kit. So due to the length of the R35 coils there is a need to add some depth below the mounting face which is what this kit does.

So here it is with the coils and the milspec harness all fitted complete.

The coilpack engine cover will fit after installation however for the last coilpack down the back where the cover has the indent for the coil pack power transiter I recommend cutting that part off as it will be touching th top of the coilpack which can't be good for heat. Also the rear part of the cover will also have to be cut slightly to make way for the wiring harness to exit.

Driving impression:
Turning the key the engine fired into life with alot more urgency and vigor. The missfire was gone and the engine produced more pops and crackles on the over run. The throttle response also was more crisp on blips and power deliver was stable. I also noticed an improved torque feel on boost with an accompanying smooth power deliver throughout the rev range. It defintely is producing abit more than a standard S1 RB26 now.

These kits will work on RB20/25 Skylines as well and I highly recommend. They add a nice modern touch both to the look and also the driving feel.


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