Nismo Performance Dampers

Just a minor modification, one that is often dismissed. Nismo's Performance Damper is a product line which is a branch of a development project at Yamaha who initially developed this product for their bikes, to dampen frame vibrations. This technology was then later adapted for 4 wheeled application. Toyota, Subaru and Nissan's respective R&D divisions worked with Yamaha to develop spec dampers for a selection of their luxury and performance vehicles

This damper is offered as standard equipment on select vehicles in the STI, Nismo, Lexus/Toyota lineup. 

So what does this damper do? In short it dampens secondary vibrations in the body of the vehicle. Essentially the body of a car is like a giant tightly wound spring which reacts to road conditions which are transmitted via the suspension. 

Primary vibation is the initial shock that you feel when you drive over an uneven road surface. The effect of this can be alleviated by solid body bracing. 

Secondary vibration is the smaller (wave length) vibrations which follow after the initial shock. Solid body bracing will somewhat remove the larger of these vibrations but will still be noticable even after a body has had extensive bracing done to it. So you feel as a driver is after you run over a pot hole generally uneven road surface you first get the initial shock of hitting that surface and then following you feel this buzzy harshness which lingers afterwards. It is this harshness which the Performance Damper reduces via a system no different to a conventional suspension damper device. More detailed information and description can be found on this patented technology on Yamaha's website.

For Nissan vehicles it was reserved primarily for their performance vehicle lineup and was first implmented as standard equipment on the 2005-2008MY 350Z cars (the Nismo Z was available outside of the Japanese market from 2007MY) Afterwards it was then released as an aftermarket part through Nismo for not only regular Z cars but also on the Skyline GTR lineup (R32-R34).

The damper itself attaches to the forward extremity of the chassis (radiator mount) fro the front and on the rear directly onto the rear suspension strut brace. 

Here you can see how it mounts to the left and right right side of the radiator mount.

And here is the location mounted directly to the rear suspenion strust brace on the R33. As they mount to the chassis these parts can also be used on non-GTR Skylines of R32-R34 as well.
Fitment is very straight forward, the build quality is exceptional as expected. The price is perhaps the biggest hurdle for most I find.

So the price is on average around $1200 USD for a set of front and rear dampers which is alot given they are not a component which creates a night and day difference when compared to things such as a coilover change or replacing all the suspension and subframe bushings.
On my car which has quite a high suspension spring rate (Front 12kg Rear 10kg) and also are pillow ball top mount so regardless the ride is quite harsh. However the driving impressions was simply that the ride was just nicer. What I mean by this is that over long distances due to a reduction in the secondary harshness driving the car is less fatiguing.

The second point is the steering feel. I already have nismo hardned steering rack bushings on my car however with the addition of the damper it eliminated the vibrations transmitted from the road and allowed me to feel the actual road surface separate from the vibrations caused by the surface itself. So steering feel was much improved and combined with the improved ride it gives the car a more refined, European feel.

So I will leave it up to you guys whether you would like to consider this or not. Just one last thing, supply is limited so if you are considering one I recommend jumping on it soon.