Skyline rust protection

Rust is something all vintage car enthusiasts have to confront in one form or another. Luckily most 90s Japanese cars don't suffer to badly as long as you drive on regular road conditions year round (ie. you don't encounter salted roads).

There are many different approaches that one can take so this is just one solution which I wanted to share with you guys and gals.

For this story we return to Kn's Factory. I was browsing their service menu on their website I saw that they offered a corrosion inhibitor coating service. .

So to give quick run down of what this process involves. The product itself called "Excel Rust E". There is limited information on the composition of the inhibitor chemical compound but it is has a very low water-like viscosity allowing it to seep into all the holes as well as folded areas in the metal body. It effectively is a sealant which not only prevents the elements from corroding the metal but also seals and prevents the further progression of any exisiting oxidation/corrosion.

The process they do is firstly they will steam clean the underside of the car. (All following pictures are coutesy of Kn's Factory website )

Following this then they will spply the inhibitor. They spray the complete underside (including inside the underfloor reinfocement beams.).

Inside the doors and door sills.

Also inside the boot/trunk lid and panels.

Lastly in the area of where the front wipers are located This area is particularly prone to rust on R33 Skylines so be sure to take extra care, keep an eye on this area when owning and buying an R33.

All up this package inclusing labour for RB Skylines they offered for $230 USD approx, $400 USD approximately for the R35 GTR. It is a permanent product so you only need to apply it once.

This process takes a couple of days so I left it over a week and went to go pick it up from Kn's the following weekend.

The car was waiting for me when I arrived this time another customer was also picking up his car a very mint BNR34 Vspec.

Rust protection/prevention is something that all should consider for their own cars. Especially products such as this were it is permanent so once applied the metal is sealed permanently. However they do recommend a maintenance respray to keep the coat fresh and to reapply to areas as the underside of a car is subject to alot of stones and other debris hitting it.