Nismo and the RB - Part 1 - A Pilgrimage

 Another must visit location for not only Nissan enthusiasts but automotive enthusiasts alike is Nismo Omori Factory.

Omori Factory as it's name suggests was originally located in Tokyo, headed at the time by current head of Nismo's motorsport activities (including Super GT, GT3, Formula 3) Tanaka Toshikazu.
(Tanaka-san pictured courtesy of a Nismo homepage article.)

Around that time Tanaka-san was the manager of the then Omori Factory and was then just proposing tuning packages for road cars.
As Tanaka-san revealed at a recent R's Meeting event. The first of Omori Factory's tuning packages, the Nismo RB26 S1 engine tuning menu was proposed and developed together with then chief engineer of BCNR33 ECU developement and now COO of Nismo, Motohiro Matsumura pioneered the project.
(Matsumura-san Pictured courtesy of
Matsumura-san is an avid Skyline fan himself, his favourite being the car which he knows the most about the BCNR33. He is an owner of a midnight purple 95 car which he bought new and has slowly restored and modified over the years.

Getting back to Tanaka-san, he at the time when he was incharge of the original Omori Factory was driving a KPGC10 Skyline GTR and used the S20 engine's driving feel and character as a basis for inspiration for the RB26 S1 engine concept.
When I heard this it did explain the feel I had from my engine. It did have a slight essence of a carburetted engine but without the drawbacks and yes this does mean my car got it's engine put together at the original Omori Factory in Tokyo.

So fast forward 12 years from 2001 when my car got it's S1 fitted, Omori Factory opened it's new doors in it's current location in Yokohama in January 2013. Ever since the development of the S1 engine packaage back in the lat 90s Omori Factory has continued to expand it's service and product lineup entering it's new HQ and provides it's customers an OE factory experience and trickle down of race derived products for customers.

Located just across from Daikoku PA in Yokohama, the closest station is Namamugi Station ( Driving there is the most direct way with a dedicated car park for customers.
(On this visit Ale and I headed over with him driving.) 

When you enter through the front doors your are greeted by this R390 GT1 race car mounted on the wall.

Then you enter the gallery/Nismo Store. This is truly a pilgrimage for any Nissan/Motorsports fan. The gallery is dedicated to Nissan's motorport histoy and they change up the race vehicles they have on display.

RB26DETT Group A racing engine, used in the BNR32 Group A GTR race cars.

The Group A GTS-R entrant in Bathurst 1000 race just before the reign of the BNR32 Skyline GTR.

The same Blancpain GT3 car which wash shown at Nismo Festival 2018.

A 40% scaled down wind tunnel test model of the 2013 series GT500 R35 GTR.

My favourite Nismo engine of all time, the VK45DE. Taken from the Nissan Cima/Infiniti Q45 Nismo added a flat-plane crank and individual throttle bodies to create a beast of a naturally aspirated 4.5 liter V8. In race trim the motor idles at 3500 RPM and produces 500hp with a regulatory restrictor fitted.
It produces it's own unique flat-plane V8 sound.

The VK45's individual throttle bodies surounded by the bottom half of the engine's carbon fiber airbox.

The now previous generation R35 GT3 wet-sumped VR38.

The GTR logo constructed using GTR diecast cars.

The washroom

Washrooms are not a topic one would usually expect to be talked about, however the washrooms of Omori Factory are definately not your regular washrooms. 
 Beginning with a real cam shaft doort handled the camshaft theme is continued on the inside with the addition of a brake rotor mirror surround for the full motorsport experience.

Omori Factory Store

(This picture courtesy of Nismo Omori Factory site)

Being the GLobal HQ of Nismo the Omori Factory store holds the entire current Nismo parts catalogue for all Nissan model including our beloved Skyline so be sure to bring a healthy wallet upon your visit. 

The workshop

The lineup of Nismo Omori Factory Demo cars line the front of the workshop where various customer cars come in for maintenance or more extensive work.

Many people often state Nismo parts are overpriced or not good value for money however once you visit it will make more sense why Nismo products cost so much.
Upon your visit you will get a feel for the quantity of R&D that Nismo go through is equal to that of Nissan itself when they are developing components for a new car. The parts you buy from Nismo for your own car you can be sure Nismo have produced it to the same strigent standards as the OE Nissan parts are albeit with a higher performance level than the regular OE while maintaining durability on parallel with OE parts. Furthermore by using the same processes and also more often than not in the same machines as their race car components are developed with.

In the following Part 2. I will introduce the workshop side of Omori Factory and also go into depth and ask the meisters of Omori Factory about the RB engine. Stay tuned.