Nismo Festival 2018 - Part 1

It's that time of the year again. My most favourite event of the year. Nismo Festival 2018.
So once again a early start to day leaving the house at just past 4:00AM. The cruise up to Fuji Speedway at this time was real nice no traffic at a leisurely pace.

As I have previously done a post imtroducing what Nismo Festival is all about, for this post I will focus solely on this year's event.

First off the obligatory Omori Factory demo car pics.

 First shot of a VR38 S1 outside an engine bay.

Following the S2 and R2 of the RB lineup.

The announcement of the initiation of R33 and R34 parts was reconfirmed at the Omori tent.

One final surprise was the announcement and display of a new titanium front strut tower brace for the BNR34/BCNR33 (one can assume a BNR32 version will follow).

It is a piece which needs to be seen in the metal. Not that the previous strut brace was dull by any measure but they have further upped the finish on this one with the titanium giving off a almost white lustre. Not to mention the monochromatic "Nismo" logo is a nice subtle, modern touch.

Looks-wise it is reminiscent of the 400R era Nismo strut braces and a departure from the (above) current and now discontinued Z-Tune era piece.

The Omori Factory guys said they have designed it to have greater structural rigidity over the previous Z-Tune and of course the similar in looks 400R brace.
It is going through finally testing at the moment and should come on sale early next year and with a price tag slightly less than the outgoing model there is no doubt this will be a popular product among their lineup.

A Nismo strut brace has been on my shopping list as one of the final rigidity pieces for my car and I am glad I held off until now. I will no doubt be picking one up next year.

MCR had a BNR32 demo car out featuring Fujitsubo's new electronically valve comtrolled stainless steel exhaust. MCR's Kobayashi-san ran a short demo for onlookers and the difference between valve closed and open was profound. In full open mode it is almost as loud as my Tomei exhaust, and closed it is very well muffled.
Currently this exhaust is only available for the BNR32 GTR.

Mine's brought two demo cars their famous R35 demos car and a example of the more regular of Nissan's lineup they also tune, the March/Micra Nismo.

Midori Seibi Centre. a Famed GTR specialist workshop famed for their more subtle approach and product lineup. They are not known for their light tune up packages and products. They also try their hand at non-JDM models too with a Megane R.S. Coupe demo car and the below new Alpine demo car which they have just started development for.

After taking a quick walk around the area where most of the workshops and Omori factory had their booths I returned to the main event area (pictured above) which is behind the main grand stand.

I had previously scouted this area to get a general feel and namely to check out the Nismo parts booth earlier in the morning and took note of the parts they had on offer for me to mould over in my mind while I went down to the aforementioned workshop booth area.

The Nismo Parts tent is always a must visit every year and they change up the selection on offer each year. Each year they also have a key bargain item or two which stands out amongst the rest.
This year's key bargain item was the Carbon Turbo Inlet piping for the RB26.

This was a part which I did not plan to invest in at this stage of my car's build however partly due to it's high asking price of nearly $3k USD. However with a discount of around $400 USD exclusive to the total two pieces on sale at this year's Nismo Festival it was a deal I could not pass up so I pulled the trigger. (Not to my surprise I later found the other Carbon fiber duct was also sold by the end of the festival with only a BNR32 piece which did not).

After having bought the box I headed down to my car to deposit my early Christmas gift to my car and store it in the boot. It goes without saying that I am excited to get this exquisite piece fitted to my car (post coming soon).
This concludes part 1 of my coverage of Nismo Festival 2018. In Part 2 I will dedicate to a few cars I happened upon in while I was down in the carpark whihc is an event in itself.