Nismo Festival 2018 - Part 2 - Fuji Speedway carpark

After stowing my naughty purchase in the boot/trunk I decided to take a walk around the Speedway carpark as the carpark is an event in itself. This post will not have much writing from my part and  focus on the visuals. A tribute to our of fellow Nissan enthusiasts and their pride and joy/s. So kick back with a cup or glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy the view.

You don't get badging like this anymore. Nor can one be more period correct.

Belonging to a classic 4 door R31 Skyline.

 Sometimes simple is best. This BNR32 caught my eye.

 Of course one cannot ignore an BCNR33 with these LM wheels as used on the 400R Nismo complete car.

 Twins! I have always had a thing for Nismo spec hatchbacks.

Perhaps the star of the carpark this year. The Skyline 26 R32. A little known, limited run R32 produced by Autech which was available on in a 4 door automatic trim and equipped with an NA version of the RB26. Designed to be a 4 door GT with abit of spice under the bonnet. With the long NA exhaust runners it sounds the part too.


The Skyline 26 came with this unique logo on the front bumper as a subtle distinguishing point on top of the above "Skyline 26" badge on the boot. 

Overall a very understated and subtle exterior. 

ECR33 with GTR wing + ER34 

There weren't as many GTS25t ECR33 Skylines this year but I managed to find a few.

R35 + BNR34 + 260RS Stagea (BCNR33 wagon)

Showing some S chassis love with a nice spec S15 and 180SX in the background. Loving those fog lights.

Old and new. GTT 4 door and yes a genuine absolutely mint KPGC10.

This KPGC10 was seriously a museum piece.

The Z cars are every popular in the car scene here and are one of the more popular modern models with youngsters.

Skyline GTS-R. THe rare limited run Group A homologation which was released a few years before the birth of the BNR32. Equipped with a RB20DET-R homogated engine it is an often forgotten gem of a car.

A nice mix of generations and genres happengin here. 

Speaking of the R35's colour above... This BCNR33 caught my eye. An eye catching spec and the colour... Deep Marine Blue and Aurora Flare Blue Pearl look indistingushable under certain lighting. I can't tell the difference with this one. Is this Auora Flare or is it Deep Marine?

Hardcore spec BRN34s. Vspec and Vspec II Nur.

The every amazing Midnight Purple

More GTR butts

 This 300ZX caught my eye. Both the spec and the stunning colour.
Those of you guys whom are more knowledgeable on Z cars could you help me out? Is this a factory 300ZX colour?

A lone relatively simple and clean ER34 GTT Skyline.

The child in me does like this kit.

Some more Z cars. these 350Zs looked fierce.

 This BNR32 I was quite perplexed by.. Not sure what to make of it

This NSX is a regular to many Fuji Speedway events driven all the way from Nagoya. A fierce specification.

 Lastly this 997 gen 1 GT3 caught my eye. Those of you Asian readers will understand the other reason why this person is brave appart from the fact that he drives a gen 1 997 GT3 hehe...

During my walk about the carpark I did manage to miss the Nismo Leaf RC race car and Nissan Formula E reveal and demo run which is my only regret for this year's Nismo Festival. Let's hope those cars will be back next year. Now to get back to the action in the paddock and booths...