Nismo Festival 2018 - Part 3 - The Race Cars

This year's paddock this year included some interesting historic cars from Nissan's earlier history.

This is the Nissan (Then Datsun) which put Nissan on the map with it's class win in a cross-Australia rally.

And of course the famous Prince R380 The original Porsche killer and it's GR-8 engine on which the KPGC10 GTR's S20 engine was based.

Now with the world going crazy for Safari 911s. How about a Safari (S30Z) 240Z!?

If I had the space and money this would be at the top of my build list.

R31 Super Silhouette race car.

The Endless and GTNET Super Taikyu Endurance series GT3 class R35 GT3s from the 2018 series.

The Blancpain (right) and Bathurst 24hr winning car (left) R35s.

The iconic FIA GT1 World Championship winning R35 GT1 with it's 5.6 liter V8 (VK56DE) developing 600hp restricted.

Super GT GT500 350Z

Super GT 2018 GT300 R35s

Now this is a special treat. The NP35. Nissan's second and last VRT35 V12 powered race car. Designed for the Group C racing series. It raceed only twice in it's short racing career then was retired due to not being competitive. Though it's engine note from it's 3.5 liter NA V12 is amazing.

Two Group C monsters. The R390 GT1 (left) which also competed in the 1998 Le Mans 24hr. On the left is the R90C Group C car which in 1990 set the fastest lap around Circuit de le Sarthe with a top speed on the Mulsanne straight of 366kph. This is the car which also infamously due to a wastegate malfunction overboosted and also set a lap record outputing 1100hp. Both powered by variants of the VRH35 series twin-turbo engine.(


Nismo had on display their full lineup of current model complete road cars.

Autech also had theirs on display. Autech another band of Nissan provides a slightly more luxurious flavour compared to their more race inspired Nismo car siblings.

Central 20 demo car 370Z (left) and MCR's R35 GTR Nismo demo car (right). MCR's car sporting new BBS RI-D wheels and Endless's new carbon ceramic brake kit the later of which MCR is helping Endless with the development of. I must say the new series of BBS wheels certainly do suit the R35 perfectly.

The famous Group A HKS R32 GTR at the HKS booth.

Famed workshop for anything R31 Skyline, R31 House. They brought out their absolutely mint GTS-R R31.

That homologation special RB20DET-R engine.

An interesting surprise! RB25DET in an R31. Those exhaust headers...

Jun Auto Mechanic's R35 demo car.

Famed Z Wangan workshop, Revolfe S.A.'s 300ZX demo car looks fierce.

with a top speed to match.

Nicely resto-modded S30Z/240Z with abit of GTR spice under the bonnet/hood.

The RB26 looks good in NA guise too.

A hardcore spec BNR32.

To conclude the day Nismo GP - A sprint race featuring all the current Nissan race cars against each other. A sight to behold.

To avoid the usual traffic jam on the way home I pulled over to have dinner.