Super Autobacs A PIT Tokyo - A World first, new take on the automotive parts store

AUTOBACS Seven Co., Ltd for those of you in the Asian region or have traveled there will most likely have heard of it. AUTOBACS is Japan's equivalent of Supercheap Auto for all you Aussies and Halfords for the UK readers. I am not sure what the go to for your guys in the US.. AUTOBACS is an automotive parts retailer. Prior to writing this article which even I was not aware the meaning behind the company name. Autobacs actually turns out to be an acronym for Appeal Unique Tyre Oil Battery Accessory Car electronics Service .

Anyone who has been or goes to one of their stores will understand that it is a toy shop for grownups. They stock every automotive aftermarket product you could think of and many more you never did. From car detailing to a crazy variety of airfresheners right up to race gear and seats. You want it they have it. Like all enthusiasts in Japan Autobacs has naturally been a go to for me as well with a number of my previous modification parts were purchased from them.

I have explored the a couple of Autobacs stores around my area. My first one I went to after taking delivery of my car was the Yokohama Super Autobacs store just across from Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama. However a year or two ago the car this store closed due to the land being bought out and used for some new development projects ahead of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Fllowing the closure of my go to store I visited a number of stores in the Kanagawa area where I live however none really had the variety which my previous store had.

Then upon browsing the Tokyo area for stores for which i did not expect there to be a decent sized one I happened upon one that certainly did not disappoint and was even slightly larger than my previous Yokohama store. It was located in the Tokyo Bay Area near Toyosu one of my main/only favourite hangout areas in Tokyo. I went on to visit this store as my go to and then towards the end of this year when a friend was visiting from Singapore and we were doing car stuff together I took him to this store only to find it closed and covered in scafolding. It turned out it was undergoing a refresh and would be open later this year.

It so happened that on the day I went with Ale to Nismo Omori Factory we decided to go check out the refreshed store

The building pre- makeover was quite different to what the entire block looks like now. This store rewrites the book on car specialty stores.

Th moment you enter this vibe hits you in the face. Yes that is a Starbucks in a car specialty parts store.

At the forefront of the store there is a bookstore provided courtesy of Tsutaya (a major book chain store in Japan). However the selection of books is tailored to the automotive enthusiast catering to all generations, makes and models of car enthusiasts.

All the automotive literature you could as for.

Apart from that the first floor also stocks car care products and camping. So anything maitenance related.
On the second floor is the go-fast bits floor with everything inlcuding tuning parts, exterior parts, steering wheels, seats and racing gear.

No car store would be complete without an area to try the fit of your next seat you have got on your mind.

To top it all off a pay to use racing simulator.

Another feature as often found in most car specialty stores, Autobacs has their own mini workshop where you can book your car in for a service or to have some parts you just bought installed. Then from the comfort of the main store you can check on the progress of your service on the instore pit monitors.

Here is the workshop itself, amazingly spotless and well organised workshop to rival any dealership workshop. (feat. ER34 4dr with BNR34 conversion).

Just when you thought all you needs were catered to, A PIT has it's own coin car wash bays.

So once you've done your shopping and or while you are waiting for you car to be serviced you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat with wifi.

I stopped for a spot of lunch and a re-print HyperRev magazine read.

An Autobacs carpark is always colourful but being in the middle of Tokyo the selection is extra colourful. The Mitsuoka (Japanese coach builder) on the right try to guess what JDM car it's based on. ;)

An Autobacs is definately a must visit for any enthusiast who visits Japan not just for the fact that they have any part of acessory you could possibly want but also for the experience as a whole.   However A PIT takes the entire concept of automotive specialty store to a new level again. Simply IF you are in Tokyo you need to drop by.