Tatsumi PA - looking back at 2018 my first Tatsumi

The famous Tatsumi PA (Parking Area) on the Wangan. I won't go into the details on the location and also Wangan loop as many have covered this in various videos, blogs and games. A quick summary was provided in a past post by Ale so go check that out.

My introduction to the real life Wangan was back in June last year (2018) when I met up for the first time with Ale and he took my car for a spin.

It was great to let someone else give me feedback for my cars setup so far and also to sit in the passenger seat as that also doesn't happen very often.

Now Tatsumi PA is not always like this every weekend but that day we were shown a treat. A Ferrari F40 LM with Enkei wheels.

To be able to see a F40's engine under the bodywork up close was a real treat.

Porsches were out in force that day.

The owner of this 911 GT3 RS (991.1), mentioned his second car is a 700HP tuned R35 GTR. He said the GT3 is much more easier to drive.

996 GT3 RS

The Wangan wouldn't be complete without a Bayside Blue BNR34. The colour which on the MY20 R35 is finally able to rightfully called Wangan Blue.

Was a very clean example too.

There is always a good selection of bikes as well at Tastumi with the riders like their 4 wheeler couterparts stopping over to chill and have a coffee. Two Ducatis and a Kawasaki H2! The H2 has to be reverse imported into Japan as it cannot be sold as a JDM (too fast? lol) so people import them back into the country from Kawasaki dealers abroad.

I was very fortunate that my first Wangan/Tatsumi PA experience had such an amazing turn out. Trust me it is not always this spectacular.