Tatsumi Sundays

This post was actually the inspiration for my earlier Tatsumi post. While I was thinking up this post I realised I had not posted up anything for that last post.

You can think of this therefore as a part 2 to the previous post.

So the other Sunday after 2 weeks of heavy rain this month here in Japan and also that Saturday also being rainy gaveway to a sunny 28 degrees with low humidity a nice breaze with ble skies and light fluffy clouds, I had to get out there.

On the way to the Wangan i came across this Kenmeri KPGC110 Skyline GTR. A very rare sight indeed. Even more surprising was the dirver was not Japanese or even asian for that matter. I was hoping he would be also heading to Tatsumi but sadly not this time.

Whomever you are I hope we have a chance to meet up some time.

There is always a good selection of bikes near the coffee machine with their riders chillin. Yep that's a H2 again and not least the BCNR33 in the background. This one was largely stock except for an exhaust.

Another Sunny June day with a decebt turnout. 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia (more people in Japan seem yo have bought the Scuderia than the regular F430.) and a Aventador SV Roadster!

The 430 Scuderia is my favourite modern Ferarri to date. Nothing so far (appart from perhaps the F12 TDF) in their recent lineup beats that soulful engine note.

The real reason we all like a good wing.

This was the first time I had seen a classic Charger. This Cayman GT4 is a regular here. His spec is pretty solid with a straight pipe exhaust and raised wing.

Speaking of regulars, so too are these two 911s.

One last Porsche, the paint on this 930? was amazing.

Two lovely bums.

The thought of respraying my car in the near future is always bouncing about my head.

Then I see it in the light and the R33 does look good in it's factory QM1 white as well...(yes I haven't washed my wheels in a while)

The cops then arrived to tell the cars parked in the truck bays to move.

So the 458 came to park next to me.

As I mentioned the turnout at Tatsumi PA is not always like this every week but when the time is right it really shows it's colours. A nice place to way to spend some time with your car and like minded enthusiasts all there for the same reason.