R's Meeting 2019

Once every year at Fuji Speedway there is held the largest GTR event in the world. R's Meeting hosted by a local magazine which is dedicated to purely GTR content, GTR Magazine. Twice a year (R's Meeting & Nismo Festival) the Tomei Expressway is filled with Skylines and GTRs. For this event Over 2500 GTRs are driven here by their owners from every corner of the country to pay pilgrimage every year at this event.

So put the kettle on, sit back with a cup of whatever your favourite beverage is because this is a big one.
On the drive up to the Speedway I came across this beautiful half-caged nicely rich running Skyline GTSR (R31). This was a model built to homologate the R31 Skyline race car for Group A touring car series. With 800 units fitted with the RB20DET-R race engine detuned produced in this Blue Black colour they are a stunning car to behold.

We arrived in the morning  just around 0800am. This year Pete (and his lovely wife Amelia) a reader and recently turned blogger hailing from Adelaide, Australia and an owner of a lovely Black Pearl (GV1) BNR34 Vspec. (You can visit his blog here for more info.) Seen here driving the Toyota 86 behind.

The line to get in through the gate is pure GTR with a few Skylines as well. A sight you never get bored of.

The car park

As you could imagine GTRs galore in the carpark. Here are a few highlights.

Midnight Purple II I think is my favourite of the 2 types of the colour for the BNR34. 


Deep Marine Blue is one of THE colours for the BCNR33. 

My favourite colour for the BNR32, Dark Blue Pearl (TH1). A not so common and lovely rich colour. 

This BNR34 was a nice spec with a S1 engine, full Nismo aero kit, R35 brakes. 

Nismo Intercooler and GT4 LMs.  

I really like this Toyota's take on 'British Racing Green"? on their special edition 86.

R's Meeting

 So this caught my attention immediately. So Omori Factory has announced this new, currently a prototype carbon airduct for the BCNR33. The shaping is quite complex for a single piece part.

 Despite still in prototype stage the finishing was amazing, nicely clearing the Nismo turbo inlet piping. 

Upon inquiring to the present Omori staff they said at present they are not planning to put this into official production. But rather customers can have one made to order upon special request. It will cost more than double that of the smaller 400R duct which I got.

The new re-released Weldina NE-1 in titanium blues rather nicely.

A small update on the interior of the Omori Factory Grand Touring Car BCNR33.

In the GTR Magazine tent there was a R33 GTR LM homologation road car taking center stage. 

One of one. Built to satisfy GT1 regulations at the time which needed 1 road going versions in order for it to be homologated for Le Mans in 1996. This was the only Skyline GTR roadcar to have double wishbone suspension front and rear with the engine dry-sumped and converted to RWD.

GTR Magazines resident BCNR33 was present sporting it's new upgrade of a BNR34 rear diffuser. A new menu from NPCT and was featured in one of the recent editions of GTR Magazine.

I do find the bolting solution for the sides of the diffuser abit questionable though...

The GTR Magazine BNR34 and BNR32 were also present as was their R35 (not pictured).

Along with the Kenmeri demo race car. I am a big fan of this green.

The workshops

As is with Nismo festival the tune workshops come have their latest products on show and display and sometimes sale. The only difference is at R's Meeting it's all GTR focused content.

HKS had their BCNR33 restored and re-built and restored top speed demo car which they revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Hailing all the way from Osaka Auto Select is always here in force in R's Meeting.

Track and road spec demo BNR34s.

Their newer GTR Nismo based demo cars was also present.

With the power level stated on the side.

 Also hailing from Osaka One of the major GTR dealers of Japan Global Auto with their 2 demo cars, their 400R and Z-Tune.

This particular Bayside Blue BNR34 currently on sale at Global Auto took my fancy. Lovely spec all round. Featuring a recently released matte blue/grey TE37 wheels, Mines Exhaust and rear wing extenders.

After lightening my wallet a little on a few things we headed back to our cars to store our purchases.

This is just A car park.

Taking for granted the rear wing on the Hakosuka (KPGC10) was actually a dealer option. The standard model road car actually were wingless.

Another car park. A line of white.

This BNR34 Vspec II Nur is a dream spec. Full Mine's spec and the special Enkei wheels which were used by the BNR34 Nurburgring test car and the Falken GTR N24 race cars back in the early 2000s.

The alternative to having your car commisioned at Omori Factory.

These two BNR34s were a nice spec.

A quite extremely road speced Evo X.

These two were a nice pair. The BNR34 with a S2 engine.

 S10s an RB26s in a line.

This BCNR33 Vspec was a really beautiful spec the gold BBSes with the all QM1 white.

Beautiful bottoms.

On Track - R's Meeting Trackday

Midway trhough R's Meeting there is a trackday including parade lap where R's Meeting readers canregister their car up to drive the Speedway in their own GTR. This is followed by a separate trackday where owners can push the limits of themselves and cars.

This year's track day started with a demo run of the new 2020MY GTR Nismo R35. Driven by Matsuda Tsugio and later by Tsuchiya Keiichi. Both drivers pushed the car to limits of the chassis and tyres showing off the potential of the new carbon ceramic brakes which did not break a sweat under foot.

These two were demo runs the first by a local celebrity hailing from Osaka who is a GTR enthusiast who recently took up tracking his BNR34 which very quickly transfomed into a track monster.

The later vid is a demo run of Club-AG's R35 demo car which was twice as fast as the MY2020 GTR Nismo.

Back to the workshop booths

Another historic great of GTR tuning, Top Secret was there with a number of GTR demo cars. My all time favourite is the VR32.

 With a full retro-fitted R35 GTR drivetrain, Top Secret's R35 brake kit and dual exit exhaust. One a side exit..

The second utilising the stock BNR32 exhaust.

And interior

R35 boot (trunk) badge along with a beautifully heat treated Top Secret badge is a nice touch.

Mirodi Seibi had their BNR34 and BNR32 demo car on display. 

 Midori Seibi Centre is a TUning workshop with a more subtle and practical approach to tuning GTRs. Their demo car is telling of this. No added fat only adding what actually makes a difference in performance. 

 This BCNR33 demo car outside Moty's booth caught my attention.
Very inspiring wheel arch ventilation idea!

alot of carbon (inclu doors) 

 and very extreme aero

Fujitsubo's aftermarket R35 Exhaust with carbon fiber exhaust shrouds for the tips.

Rocky Auto and their carbed RBs. 

E-NEXT another major second hand car dealership specialising in GTRs.

Gotta love the special lighter colour coded wheels for the Midnight Purple edition BNR34s. 

Trust (Greddy) with their demo car 34RX in a unique blue colour. 

 A development mule for their new R34 parts product line.

Mine's famous BNR34 Vspec N1 based demo car.

 With it's purposeful engine bay.

R's Meeting photoshoot area

Another part of R's Meeting is Readers can sign up to have a photo taken with their car to be featured in an special edition of GTR magazine dedicated to people and their cars.
There is a special carpark especially set aside for people who have signed up.
The race car does not mean you can't have a family.

This duo of Bayside Blue cars were the highlight of the carpark for me.

I am still somewhat not sure if I think the R33 works in blue or if it is just because I like the colour itself. However this example was beautiful.

Simple spec Deep Marine Blue  BCNR33.

The gunmetal TE37s really work well with Midnight Purple.

This BNR34 had a population of Pikachus living inside it.

A nice spec BNR32. Black and gold TE37s, a classic combo

The afore mentioned R35 GTR Magazine car and the BNR34 guest car which was on track.

The rectagular Nismo Exhaust seriously suits the 260RS!

Speaking of guest cars.. The afore featured Matsuda Tsugio drove down in his BCNR33 daily driver.

A car that does everything from gran touring to some light track work it is one of his favourites of his collection.

Post R's Meeting track day, track day

After the excitement of the R's Meeting Track day the pits settle back into their reglar Saturday afternoon track days with a mix of machinery including a few GTRs from earlier joining in.

Pete, Amelia and Ale who also had joined us earlier in the photoshoot cark park went down to check out the pits.


Waiting for traffic to clear in the parking lot

As you can see there is quite a siginificant traffic jam of GTRs to get out of Fuji Speedway after R's Meeting.

So a number of people spent their time waiting for it to clear in the carparks. I took the opportunity to walk-about again with my phone camera to pass the time.

Another random street-tuned Evo X which caught my eye.

More bottoms.

This guy has a similar spec to my car.

Hardcore spec BNR34

I spotted Liberty Walk's new NSX demo car was doing a photo shoot in the far corner of the carpark.

The spirit of Han lives on.

After seeing the GTR Magazine BCNR33 I became obsessed with the location of the mounting points of the diffuser on the BNR34.

This trio of BNR32s was really on point. Simple drivers spec cars.

This one Pete and I came across at the PA earlier on our way to R's Meeting. I really like the spec of this car.

With the coolest Nissan decal ever!

Pete, Amelia and Ale headed home first as they were knackered after a long day and early rise. I stayed back abit longer to wait abit more for traffic to clear.

The drive home also included  GTRs of course. It was nice to see a MY2020 on the road already.

This very nice BCNR33 on a loader pulled up next to me on the way home. That rear diffuser solution was real nice.

If you have reached this far I commend you. So far completes my coverage of R's Meeting 2019. The greatest GTR festival, event, pilgrimage in the world, for the GTR enthusiasts it is a must visit event.